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Please Note: Food and drink are not permitted in any theatre, auditorium or control room. State law prohibits smoking in the buildings.

Main Theatre

All groups using the Main Theatre: Special Notice

All lighting and special effects equipment brought into this facility must contain U.L.-approved, grounded cables and connectors.

There must be no exposed asbestos on any lighting or other equipment brought into this facility (i.e., spotlight lead-in wires). All pyrotechnic devices (i.e., flash pots) and live flame (i.e., candles and torches) must be cleared in advance by the University Fire Marshal. Telephone: (530) 752-6398.

General Information

Auditorium has a sloping floor with Continental seating. Seating capacity 470. The Orchestra Pit is accessable by elevator at the front of the stage. There are four Dressing Rooms plus a quick-change room just off stage left. Regular dressing rooms are in the basement. Hot and cold water, mirror and makeup lights are available in the dressing rooms. Showers are located in toilet facilities near dressing rooms. Communication via Clear Com intercom system. Stage Manager can be connected to control rooms, center of house, follow spots, stage right and left, shop, and beam positions, with wired or wireless equipment. Loading access via one roll-up door, 11′6″ X 11′6″, behind the scene shop, backstage. Take I-80 to the UC Davis exit; left on Hutchinson Drive, left on Cushing Way. There is no loading dock. Trucks must unload to ground.

Floor Plans

Wyatt Pavilion Theatre

All Groups using Wyatt Pavilion Theatre: Special Notice

All lighting and special effects systems/equipment brought into Wyatt Pavilion Theatre must contain 3-wire grounded UL-approved electrical cables and connectors. All lighting instruments and other special effects equipment brought into theatre must contain no exposed asbestos. Asbestos is commonly found on lead-in wires for many types of older stage lighting instruments.

All pyrotechnlc devices (flash pots, etc.) and live flame devices (torches, candles, etc.) must be cleared in advance with University Fire Marshal. Telephone: (530) 752-6398

Wyatt Ground Plan (View Only)

General Information

Small thrust theatre. Stage is two feet above floor. Stage is T-shaped. Audience area is a U shaped around the leg of the T. Five tiered , standard seating. 200 seats total. All student stagehands. Two dressing rooms. Toilet facilities and hot/cold water in each dressing room. 10 to 15 person capacity per room. Communication via Clear Com intercom system between control room, backstage, auditorium and box office. Wired and wireless headsets are available. Loading access via double door.

Arena Theatre

Lighting Equipment:

  • ETC Espress console
  • 32 ea. 2.4K dimmers
  • 6K dimmer

Sound Equipment:

  • Yamaha O1V mixing console
  • 2 ea. Ramsa WP-9220 amplifiers
  • BGW 750C amplifier
  • 4 ea. JF 60 speakers
  • 2 ea. Custom 11-inch subwoofers

Della Davidson Performance Studio: Nelson Hall

Sound Equipment:

  • Yamaha 1202 mixer
  • 2 ea. QSC 1202 amplifers
  • 2 ea. Yamaha 15-inch Club Series speakers
  • Tascam CD/Cassette combo
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Illness and Injury Prevention Program
Department of Theatre and Dance

Stage, shop, and laboratories safety hazards and safe working practices.

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