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Information Technology
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The Arts Administrative Group

Find out where to get help with computers, printers, copiers, phones, voicemail and the arts website. 

Computer or printer help

Have a computer or printer issue? Email to report the problem. The first available Technical Support staff will contact you to help. We use the campus ticket system (ServiceNow) to keep track of help requests. Each request is assigned an incident number, and you can communicate with us by simply replying to the email notice about your incident.

If your email is not working, call the IET help line (754-HELP). Or visit the IET help page if your browser is working.

Mobile Device Support: Can somebody help me with my iPad? It depends: read our Technical and Communications Support Policy, and contact us if you aren’t sure.

Listservs (email lists)

Need to find out which list to use, to contact a group of people all at once? Kim Pearson can help you find the right one since she administers most of the email lists in TAAG. We keep a record of the active lists in our fileshare, so most staff members can also check that for you.

Toner cartridges

Check with staff in your building for basic supplies and print or toner cartridges. Sometimes we have spares, or toner cartridges may need to be purchased. Some are provided by Xerox or Reprographics—it depends which printer or copier is involved. If you need a new toner cartridge, and there is no spare available, contact the Business staff.

Voicemail and phones

If you need to set up your Voice Mail in the new system (as of spring 2015), see the VM Quick Reference Card. You will find the new VM system login at More information about the phone and voicemail systems is available at Once your voicemail is set up, remember to call the new VM number at 754-0054 to access your messages. 

You may want to visit the campus Communications Resources page. If you need further help, please contact one of our ATRs (Authorized Telecommunications Representatives) by emailing, or call us if you need help right away. All IT staff, plus Nancy Louks, are ATRs who can help with phone changes or problems.

Website Updates

Email for website updates, accounts, changes, and class or event posting on the arts web pages. The first available Website Support staff will respond to your request and route route your requests to additional staff as necessary, so the appropriate person can respond. 

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