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The Arts Administrative Group

Find out who to contact for help with keys and locks, facilities issues, shredding, equipment and special services.

Facilities issues

Need to report a problem with your air conditioning? Heater not working? Faculty or students should notify Leah Daugherty by email or phone (530-752-1389).

Any staff can report a problem using the work order system at the Facilities Website, or by calling 530-752-1655, or by emailing facilities@ucdavis.edu.

Equipment, Shredding, Special Services, Aggie Surplus

Do you need to dispose of old papers and files that contain sensitive information? Do you need to return gas cylinders? Want to get rid of old equipment or furniture at Aggie Surplus (formerly the Bargain Barn)? Go to the AFS Equipment Management page and click on the Quick Link appropriate for the service you need. You will be able to complete and submit an order form at this website.

For Shredding requests, go here. TAAG stores files in a secure location for the required period; after that they need to be picked up and shredding.

Keys and locks

The primary key assigner for faculty and staff is Marisa Kline (168 Everson). Key hours are from 1:30–3 p.m., and by appointment. If Marisa is not available, other staff in the Business office will help you. Cruess Hall is an exception: Most Cruess keys are obtained from the Tool Room Supervisor, Jeff Aldridge (101 Cruess).

Key Cards for the Art Annex can be issued by Don Yee. For individual or class Art Building key cards, please click here.

For after-hours access to buildings, call Custodial Operations, Building Unlocking and Locking Services: 754-0122.

Room Reservations

Our Room Reservations page provides information on spaces available in the arts group and how to reserve them.

Work orders

Go to Facilities Management for work orders, utilities, and custodial issues. 

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