Jazz Bands
Otto Lee, director

UC Davis Jazz Band and Combo Auditions
  • Auditions for the jazz bands and combos will be held on Thursday and Friday, April 4th and 5th, from 10:00 am – 6:00 pm in Room 214, Music Building. Sign up for an audition time online. Everyone should audition for jazz band regardless of past membership.

  • Rehearsals will be done differently this year—

    • Each Big Band will meet on both Tuesday and Thursday for a total of 2 rehearsal hours a week.

      • T and TH 10:00–11:50 am, Mus140, Sec 1 (2 units)

      • T and TH 4:10–6:00 pm, Mus140, Sec 3 (2 units)

    • Combos will meet a faculty member for 1 hour a week. Times will be worked out by each combo and the faculty leader after auditions have concluded and results have been posted.

    • Combos will be limited to 6 players per group. 

    • Those planning to be in a combo should have a free hour in their schedule between noon and 4:00 pm on Tuesdays and/or Thursdays, or Fridays at 1:00 pm. Having said availability in your schedule does not guarantee that you will be placed in a combo this quarter. 

      • 1 hour (arranged with the instructor), Mus 146 Sec 6 (1 unit)

Auditions for the Big Bands will consist of

Auditions for the Combo will consist of

  • a performance of Barbados (link goes to PDF of the lead sheet)

  • You will need to turn in an availability sheet at the time of your audition (combo only).

Auditions for either ensemble—

  • Those auditioning for both Big Band and Combo need only to sign up for one audition time.

  • Drummers auditioning for either band will be asked to play a variety of styles. A kit will be available. Combo drummers will be asked to play the melody of Barbados on the drum set. 

  • Big Band singers will be asked to sing the melody to There Will Never Be Another You

  • Combo singers will be asked to sing the melody to Barbados as well as one chorus of improvised solo. 

For any questions, or any issues, contact Otto Lee (oglee@ucdavis.edu).

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