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Production Facilities

Costume Shop

The Theatre and Dance Department’s fully equipped costume shop is in the basement of Wright Hall.Costume Shop resources include a 25-foot by 35-foot workroom with three 45-inch by 6-foot cutting tables, two industrial zigzag sewing machines, one industrial blind hammed, five Bernina home sewing machines, one embellishing machine, three Juki four-thread sergers, two ironing boards (one standard and one table), two gravity-fed steam irons, a washer and a dryer, most sizes of globe model dress forms, and two full-body forms, one male and one female.Dye and paint facilities include a large, gas-heated dye vat, a good stock of industrial dyes, and a paint hood that is shared with the Scene Shop.

The Costume Shop has four ten-person dressing/fitting rooms for Main and Arena theatres, and two Makeup Laboratories that are also used for classes. The Shop holds more than 15,000 pieces of costume stock that includes stock of almost every period, good men’s stock, good accessories stock (millinery, parasols, jewelry, spectacles, etc.), undergarment stock, wigs, makeup and masks, 100 vintage pieces for research purposes, and 1,000 pre-revolutionary Russian opera pieces.

Scene Shops

Wright Hall houses two scene construction shops: one behind the Main Stage, separated from the theatre by a fire door, and the other in the basement. Here, students work and learn under the supervision of highly experienced staff technicians.

Prop Room

The Theatre and Dance Department’s Properties Room is in the basement of Wright Hall. The huge stock includes architectural elements, foliage, a great deal of furniture, all manner of moveable props, and larger items up to and including the kitchen sink.

Sound Studio

The department’s Sound Studio, located in 300A Wright Hall, is a small recording studio capable of recording and playing back digital and analog music and sound effects. The Sound Studio can meet the needs of most modern theatrical productions. Equipment includes multi-track digital editors, multi-track analog recorders, outboard processing equipment and microphones for both studio recording and live sound re-enforcement.

Digital Shop

The department’s fully equipped Digital Shop provides PC computers and software for students designing projects and lighting. In addition, all the UCD theaters have ETC computerized lighting systems with industry-standard controls, dimmers, and equipment. The new, portable Sanyo PLC-XP30 video projection system on a City Theatrical Auto-Yoke allows the projector to pan and tilt, permitting front and rear projection of still and moving images.

Digital Design

Laboratory The Digital Design Laboratory, located in 208 Art, boasts a ten-workstation, Macintosh G4 digital design system, with Final Cut Pro. The Design Laboratory equipment includes plotters, printers, seamers and a wide variety of software. Lighting designers can use WYSIWYG or Vectorworks Spotlight software.

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