Music Lessons



All UC Davis students are welcome to take intermediate to advanced music lessons through the Department of Music. To schedule lessons, contact the music lecturer that corresponds to your area of study. Students should enroll in MUS 131 (2 units per quarter).

Declared Majors 

During their first or second year at UC Davis, declared music majors are eligible for three quarters of free lessons.

Music majors continuing with lessons beyond their first year of free lessons pay $120 per quarter for the equivalent of 10 half-hour lessons and continue to enroll in Music 131.

Fee Waivers for Music Majors

A variety of generous patrons of the music department have made funds available to provide fee waivers for music majors who want to continue lessons beyond the three quarters of lessons. These waivers can be partial awards or cover the usual $120 per quarter charge. 

To be considered for a waiver, music majors must apply online EVERY quarter via the webform. The due date will be 5th day of instruction each quarter. There may not be enough funds to grant waivers to everybody who applies, so please be careful in providing the requested information; the department will attempt to take care of the most urgent cases (those with upcoming recitals, those with extraordinary skill/ability, those nearing graduation, etc.) first.


Lessons are available to non-music majors on a space-available basis. The fee for non-majors is $240 per quarter for the equivalent of 10 half-hour lessons. Priority goes to those who are also enrolled in departmental ensembles. For more information, contact the appropriate applied faculty member.

Partial Fee Waivers for Non-Majors

Students who enroll in UC Davis ensemble classes may qualify for a partial fee waiver. Students in the UC Davis Symphony Orchestra or University Chorus may qualify for a partial fee waiver, subsidized by the ensemble, up to $120. Registered participants in other ensembles may qualify for a partial fee waiver up to $50. (Those receiving partial fee waivers, in other words, are still responsible for paying at least $120-$190 per quarter.)

To be considered for a partial waiver, non-music majors must enroll in an eligible ensemble and apply online EVERY quarter via the webform. The due date will be 1st day of instruction every quarter. 

How to Pay

Payments can be cash or checks payable to “UC Regents.” Please submit to Leah Daugherty in the Department of Music office (Room 112, Music Building). Payments must be made by the tenth day of instruction. Members of large ensembles may qualify for a partial rebate. For more information, contact Leah Daugherty.


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