House of Angklung:
”Learn from Pring”

Tricia Sumarijanto, music director

House of Angklung:|”Learn from Pring”
Recital Hall, Ann E. Pitzer Center

* The concert will be preceded by a reception in the Noda lobby beginning at 6:00 pm. *

The House of Angklung presents a music, dance, and multi-media program called “Learn from Pring” (pring refers to the wisdom of bamboo) at the beautiful Ann E. Pitzer Center. “Learn from Pring” is based on a poem titled “Ngelmu Pring,” which talks about the philosophy of bamboo.

The music performed by House of Angklung ranges from traditional regional folk songs and classical Indonesian ballads to Sundanese pop and American music, and will feature dancers. The audience will be invited to participate!

The Musicians

House of Angklung was established by a group of women in Washington DC with a purpose to form a cultural organization with a focus on the Sundanese culture of West Java, Indonesia, and the goal of not only introducing and promoting Indonesia to the United States through the beautiful angklung (bamboo rattles) music, but also fostering harmony and peace in society at large.

Angklung is an instrument made of bamboo tubes attached to a bamboo frame. The use of angklung is swayed and shaken by hand to produce a note. This instrument has been played for centuries in Indonesia, especially in West Java, Central Java, East Java, and Bali.  The word ‘Angklung’ was originated from Sundanese “angkleung-angkleungan,” which means the movement of angklung player and the sound “klung” that comes from the instrument.

The Dancers

Padepokan Seni Jugala was founded in 1976 by an artist couple from West Java, Gugum Gumbira and the late Euis Komariah. Gugum Gumbira is a Sundanese composer, orchestra leader, choreographer, and entrepreneur from the city of Bandung, Indonesia. After 1961, when the Indonesian President Sukarno banned all forms of Western music and challenged his people to revive their cultural music, Gugum Gumbira made this task his own. In order to do this he studied the rural, festival dance music for twelve years, which resulted the Jaipongan dance. Jaipongan dance is based on traditional Sundanese ketuk tilu music and pencak silat movements. Accompanied by the dynamic kendang (drum), this exciting dance has become a social dance. The drum patterns are in harmony with the dance movements to express an outpouring of joy.

How to Attend

Free, no tickets are required. However, we ask you let us know you are coming via the corresponding Facebook event we can monitor the capacity of the venue.

The evening is generously sponsored by House of Angklung, the Indonesian Students Association of UC Davis (PERMIAS), the Office of the Consulate General of Indonesia, and many individual friends and supporters.

Ann E. Pitzer Center, Davis, CA

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