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Andrew Frank
Professor Emeritus
Composition, Analysis

Andrew Frank (b. Los Angeles, 1946) studied composition with Jacob Druckman at Bard College (B.A. 1968) and with George Crumb, George Rochberg, and Richard Wernick at the University of Pennsylvania (M.A. 1970). Since 1972, he has been a member of the Department of Music at UC Davis, where he is professor emeritus (2007).

Frank has received numerous awards, prizes, grants, and commissions for his music, including two BMI Awards (1969, 1970), two NEA Composer Fellowships (1976, 1978), Composers Conference Fellowship (1977), and a Guggenheim Fellowship (1987). Other honors include first prizes from the American Harp Society, the International Trumpet Guild, Marimolin (Elective Affinities III for Violin and Marimba, 1989), and the Fine Arts Festival Music Award from Illinois State University (Piano Quartet No. 1, 1989). He has also received the New York Composers Forum Award (1975), the Percussive Arts Society Award (1976), and the American Composers Alliance Recording Award (1980).

His music may be heard on three CRI recordings and on the following labels: Gunmar (Marimolin), Sierra Classical (The Debussy Trio), Azica (Lara Downes), and three Centaur CDs. Many of his works are published by Mobart Music, Inc, Margun Music, Inc., G. Schirmer/Associated Music Publishers, Shawnee Press, and E.T. Watkins Press.

His works have been performed nationally and internationally by, among others, the Kronos Quartet (String Quartet No. 2), the Da Capo Chamber Players, Stony Brook Contemporary Music Players, New Music Consort, San Francisco Contemporary Music Players, Penn Contemporary Players, Sonor at UC San Diego, Empyrean Ensemble, Indianapolis Symphony, Hudson Valley Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra, Earplay, Composers Inc., Row Twelve Ensemble, Rice University Percussion Quartet, Westwind Brass Quintet, Albatros Ensemble (Italy), Lawrence University Percussion Ensemble, New York New Music Ensemble, and the Debussy Trio. Solo and other chamber works works have been performed by Robert Miller, Bonnie Hampton and Nathan Schwartz, Marcella DeCray, Lois Svard, David Burge, Bertram Turetzky, Sharan Leventhal, Nancy Zeltsman, Michael Lorimer, Makoto Nakura, Christine Schadeberg, Tod Brody, Peter Josheff, Karen Rosenak, Stephen Gosling, Chris Froh, Eric Huebner, Paul Lustig Dunkel, Linda Quan, Lara Downes, Christopher Oldfather, Lois Martin, and many other notable musicians.

Recent works include Matinee d’ivresse for six players, Rhapsody for Cello and Piano, Duo Concertante for Clarinet and Piano, a sextet, String Quartet No. 6, a trio for flute, violin, and piano, Au bout de la nuit for flute, vibraphone, and marimba, Autumn Rhythm V for two marimbas, Autumn Rhythm VI for piano, and A Mind of Winter for violin and guitar.

From 1988 to 1994 he was a member of the board of directors of the San Francisco-based contemporary music organization Earplay (and president from 1991 to 1994).


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