PinkNoise: “Works by Graduate Students”

Pink noise plays on a dark stage in front of an audience. From left to right:  a cellist, pianist, violinist, artist at a mac computer,  bass clarinet, flautist, violinist, and cellist
Recital Hall, Ann E. Pitzer Center

Johnna Wu, violin
Simon Kanzler, electronics
Roberta Michel, flutes
Kaichi Hirayama, clarinets
Iva Casian Lakos, cello
Chi-Wei Lo, piano

In addition to performing works by our own graduate student composers on this program, PinkNoise—known for its contemporary improvisational performance practice—will perform its own program, featuring the open-instrumentation work “Black as a Hack for Cyborgification” by Jessie Cox, alongside other works, on Friday, April 14th, at 5:00 pm.


Max Gibson: bread and butter, bones and nutters, on the river styx

Zoë A. Wallace: Phantasmagoria

Colin Minigan: Pod Meadow

Trey Makler: magical girl transformation: seven minutes in heaven!

About the Ensemble

PinkNoise is a New York-based chamber ensemble dedicated to musical improvisation and compositions in acoustic and electronic mediums as a reaction and response to the conditions of our community and our society. Our mission is to reveal how improvisation in musical performances lies at the intersection of historical and contemporary works, and how it is a synthesis of multifarious cultures and styles from the past and the present that connect us to our conscience in society. We also believe in performing new works by composers in acoustic and electronic mediums and collaborating with visual artists and writers to present music as a collaborative and interdisciplinary art form.​

Each member of the ensemble is a performer, composer, and creator committed to inverting, translating, reflecting, and transcending the boundaries of both old and new music to present a kaleidoscopic range of performances that connect us to our sensibilities and conscience.​

PinkNoise is a recipient of grant awards from the Amphion Foundation and the Fritz Reiner Center for Contemporary Music. 

a Shinkoskey Noon Concert


Ann E. Pitzer Center, Davis, CA

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