Choruses of UC Davis:
“An American Holiday”

Nicolás Dosman, director

Chorus members singing with different hair colors: brown, black, blond, red. They are holding black sheet music folders.Three musicians in black collared shirts lean over their  South American instruments, which include pan pipes, viola, and a small guitar.
Jackson Hall, Mondavi Center

featuring Alturas Duo
Scott Hill, guitar
Carlos Boltes, charango and viola
Gonzalo Cortés, Andean woodwinds

With the guest ensemble Alturas, the Concert Singers and Chamber Singers will perform holiday music from across the Americas, celebrating a rich musical heritage. The choruses will be directed by a new music department faculty member, Nicolás Dosman. Works include “Navidad Nuestra” by Ariel Ramírez, which is an Andean-influenced folk telling of the nativity story; “Al Shlosha D’varim,” a traditional Hebrew text set by Allan Naplan for the Ithaca Children’s Choir; and “Abreme la Puerta,” a traditional holiday song from Puerto Rico, which is sung using syllables only (no words).


Concert Choir

arr. Albert McNeil: Hold Out Your Light (with Chamber Singers)

Jeffrey Ames: Gloria Fanfare

Manuel de Sumaya: Albricias Mortales

Nunes Garcia: Cum Sancto Spiritu


Chamber Singers

arr. Cristian Grases: Abreme La Puerta

Andrea Ramsey: In The Bleak Midwinter

B.E Boykin: Dormi Jesu

Kenneth Lampl: Adon Olam

arr. Moses Hogan: Glory, Glory, Glory to the Newborn King 


Combined Choruses

Aaron Copland: Zion’s Walls

Allan Naplan: Al Shlosha D’Varim

Ariel Ramirez: Navidad Nuestra

$12 Students and Children, $24 Adults (Open Seating)

The award-winning Alturas Duo (along with Andean flute and woodwind specialist Gonzalo Cortés) delight working with orchestras and choral ensembles, and collaborating with composers in creating new and interesting repertoire. Bringing together the worlds of South American folk, western classical, and contemporary music, guitarist Scott Hill and violist and charango player Carlos Boltes have performed throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe as well as Central and South America to great acclaim. Praised by The Washington Post as playing with “marvelous virtuosity,” Alturas Duo takes its name from the Chilean poet Pablo Neruda’s poem, Alturas de Macchu Picchu. The English translation for Alturas means “heights.”

Mondavi Center for the Performing Arts, Davis, CA

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