Major: Performance Track


Performance Track

Specific Requirements for Performance Track

  1. Enroll each year in private lessons and ensemble coursework.
  2. Audition before a jury at the end of the spring quarter in freshman or sophomore year to demonstrate the level of competence. Panels will be composed of representatives of the applied faculty, one or more undergraduate advisers, and other members of the faculty as appropriate.
  3. Plan appropriate public recitals during the junior year and senior year.

If you are a performer interested in majoring in music, contact the appropriate faculty member and include the following: 

  1. Your musical background indicating years of experience, private lessons, ensemble experience including choral, orchestral, band, chamber, and solo.
  2. An audio and/or video recording of your playing or singing in any of the following formats: CD, DVD, MP3, or YouTube link.

These materials should be sent directly to the music department, either by regular mail or by email, and independently of the general application done via UC Davis Admissions.

You may still declare as a music major without auditioning.

Coursework: Performance Track

Schedule options

Four-Year Schedule

Freshman/sophomore year: Audition before a jury to enter the performance track.

Junior year: 30-minute junior recital.

Senior year: 60-minute senior recital.

Transfer and Two-Year Plans

Transfer students should contact an undergraduate adviser to arrange an audition into the performance track, when they start coursework at UC Davis. This way, the Junior recital can be scheduled later during their first year.

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