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“Come let us into the grove, and make much one of another, that cannot tell what to think of one another.”

                Phillida  (Gallathea)

This gender-bending Elizabethan comedy is directed with contemporary setting, spirit and edginess. The hunt is everything where girls dressed as men fall wildly in love and the gods furiously battle like schoolyard children. This Gallathea rocks the world of classical theatre exploring  sex, identity, lust, love, infidelity, deception and denial in vaudeville style.  It is sophisticated and bawdy at the same time. Live video projection heightens the chaotic fun along with original music, outrageous costumes, text messages and skyping. 

UC Davis professor and professional theatre director Peter Lichtenfels is a champion of cross-cultural theatre. His contemporary setting of A Midsummer Night’s Dream won “Best Production” at the 2008 Shanghai International Arts Festival. He has worked with world-renowned actors including Anthony Hopkins, Tilda Swinton and Robbie Coltrane.

Lichtenfels is committed to interdisciplinary work among theatre, dance and performance art.  His Gallathea creative team includes award-winning choreographer Keith Hennessy, multi-media artist John Zibell, musician Dylan Bolles, costume designer Liz Galindo, scenic designer Gian Scarabino and lighting designer KJ Conard.

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Edgy Gallathea Rocks the World of Classical Theatre at UC Davis

UC Davis Department of Theatre & Dance presents Gallathea, written by John Lyly and directed by Peter Lichtenfels. This gender-bending Elizabethan comedy explores what it is like to portray a woman’s society in vaudeville style. The contemporary set and spirit include live video, original music, outrageous costumes and text messaging. Gallathea opens on Thursday, Nov. 11, and continues through Saturday, Nov. 20, at Main Theatre, Wright Hall, UC Davis.


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