Seasonal Event

ITDP: Somaception
by Kristen Rulifson

Arena Theatre, Wright Hall

Suggested $5 donation

Somaception NOUN   \ˈsō-mə-sep-shǝn\

: the capacity,  function, or process of forming and

understanding ideas and abstractions of the body

: the act or process if receiving or celebrating the body

: a complex product of abstract or reflective thinking about the  body

Somception, presented by ITDP, is a project to fuse science and art to develop a new approach to teaching and learning about physics and biology.

The new work asks: How is energy transferred and transduced throughout the body? How do stimuli affect us mechanistically and emotionally? How might one get lost in a single sense?

Ten individuals diverse in age and passions share their personal explorations as they walk the spectator through the structured chaos of the sensory pathways. Somaception is a true celebration of the magnificence of the body and the dynamic complexity of its reactive patterns.

This production will involve audience walking and standing with optional talkback and exploration.

Kristen Rulifson is a graduating senior at UC Davis majoring in Neurobiology Physiology and Behavior and minoring in Dramatic Art and Spanish. She is grateful for the many projects and performances she has been a part of on campus and is now taking a first stab at weaving her interdisciplinary history into a project that dismantles boundaries and induces new connections

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