Collaborative Stages: Student Theatre and Dance New Works Festival
June 2018

The UC Davis Department of Theatre and Dance will showcase a series of new student-created work. “Collaborative Stages: Student New Works Festival” will feature a series of new plays and dances conceived, created and performed by undergraduate and graduate students.

Presented in two different programs, “Collaborative Stages” will feature new plays by undergraduate students Rose Kim and Jordan Wilson and dances choreographed by undergraduate students Pratistha Bajracharya and Olivia Schlanger, and graduate student Lena Polzonetti. 

Program A: Main Theatre, Wright Hall, works by Bajracharya, Polzonetti, Schlanger and Wilson. 

Program B: Lab A Theatre, Wright Hall, new play by Kim. 

Admission is by donation. 

Program A includes Wilson’s “The Tale of the Sun, The Moon and The Earth, a one-act play, is presented in two variations with unique stagings by Bajracharya on one and another by Schlanger and Wilson. The performances incorporate movement and sound to tell the story of this celestial family and follows the growth of the characters Earth and Tierra. 

Schlanger’s also contributes a movement piece that plays with weight, spiraling, and counterbalance. The work features a company of nine dancers with mixed performance backgrounds and features music composed and performed by undergraduate student Sarah Rankin.

Polzonetti’s dance is an exploration of rèlationality- It is a movement study in how identity is perceived and experienced through one’s relation to others. Much of the movement was generated using texts from the Tao Te Ching. Polzonetti is collaborating with an undergraduate filmmaker Claire Youngerman to create video images to accompany the dance.

Program B features “No Formula,” a site-specific performance, directed by Rose Kim, co-created with Karina Rodriguez. Kim and Rodriguez are actors in their early twenties nearing the end of their primary->secondary->undergraduate student track (K-12 + Undergraduate studenthood making up >80% of our years. Nice.). Our experimental rehearsal process merges our experiences as students and theatre artists. The collaborators invite patrons to experience their findings of memories and moments and potentials inside a classroom X theater. 


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