Biodesign & Industry Week

UC Davis Department of Design Professor Christina Cogdell and design lecturer Alejandra Ruiz along with Professor Valeria La Saponara, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, are participating in Biodesign & Industry Week being held Nov. 20, 22 and 24.

Cogdell and La Saponara will present the international symposium “Biodesign and New Manufacture Methods” on Nov. 22 at 10:40 a.m. (PT). Keynote speaker Cogdell will focus on biodesign collaborations for increased circularity and systems while La Saponara will present on new materials as vehicles to bridge biodesign and engineering: connecting the disciplines. Zoom Link for Nov. 22.  

Ruiz will present on “Revalorizing Textile and Agricultural Waste Towards Biodesign” on Noc. 24 at 10am. Zoom Link for Nov. 24

Program for Biodesign & Industry Week

Nov. 20 Bioethics and Architecture

Zoom Link for Nov. 20

7:15 a.m. (PT) “Architectural Ecologies Lab” Co-founders, Evan Jones and Margaret Ikeda; “Digital Craft Lab California College of the Arts” Director, Negar Kalantar Bio Design Discoveries Through Collaborative Making

9 a.m. (PT) Founder and former Director Biodesign Challenge Dan Grushkin Does Biodesign Need a Code of Ethics?

Nov. 22 Biodesign and New Manufacture Methods

10 a.m. (PT) UDD Chancellor, Federico Valdés Opening

10:10 a.m. (PT) UDD Design School Dean, Alejandra Amenábar and UDD Engineering Dean, Fernando Rojas Design and Engineering: ExploraTec UDD implementing Interdisciplinary Curriculum and a New Academic Program based on Advanced Technologies.

10:40 a.m. (PT) Cogdell and La Saponara’s Keynote presentation, followed by Q&A

Nov. 24 Science and Design

9 a.m. (PT)  Engineering School UPLA and UDD Design School, Javiera Norambuena Biofabrication of Copper Nanoparticles from Salmon-culture Water as Remediation Technique: a Sustainable Design Project

10 a.m. (PT) Ruiz’s presentation

The UC Davis Department of Design and UC Davis Global Affairs are among the sponsors of the conference. 

The Schools of Design and Engineering at the Universidad del Desarrollo in Chile, through ExploraTec, are presenting Biodesign & Industry Week. 

Design Museum, 124 Cruess Hall, California Avenue, Davis, California

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