Mandatory Advising FAQs

Why do I have a Mandatory Advising Hold?

Our goal is to help you achieve your academic and personal goals. Research has proven that interacting with academic advisors early in your university career can enhance your college success. Comprehensive advising is provided by the Letters & Sciences Dean’s Office and our office, the Arts Group Advising Center.


How can an Academic Advisor assist me?

Your academic advisor is one of your best all-around resources on campus with connections to – and knowledge about – many of the programs and people that can help you achieve academic and personal success. Mandatory advising is an opportunity for your advisor to meet you, learn about your goals and help you chart a path to success.


When will I need to see an Advisor? How will I know where to go?

You will be assigned to your required advising appointment during Fall, Winter, or Spring quarter.  An advising hold will be placed on your record for the assigned term to remind you to see your academic advisor.  You will be notified via MyUCDavis when your advising hold has been placed.  Schedule your advising appointment during the quarter of your corresponding hold, as indicated below:



See an advisor during this time period

Actual HOLD date if no action is taken

Fall Quarter   

10/15 – 12/15

Winter registration blocked effective  12/16

Winter Quarter 

01/15 – 03/15

Spring registration blocked effective  03/16

Spring Quarter  

04/15 – 06/15

Fall registration blocked effective  06/16


How often will I have a Mandatory Advising Hold?

The College of Letters and Sciences believes advising is important to your success and therefore made it mandatory for the following class levels:


  • First Year Freshman: meet with an Advisor in the Dean’s office of The College of Letters & Science.
  • Second Year Sophomore: meet with a Department Major Advisor in The Arts Group Advising Center.
  • Third Year Junior: Complete a Degree Check online at ls.ucdavis.edu/advising/degreecheck or, meet with an Advisor in the Dean’s Office of The College of Letters & Science.
  • First Year Transfer – Junior:  meet with a Department Major Advisor in The Arts Group Advising Center.
  • Fourth Year Senior (and beyond four years): participate in two campus engagements to obtain resources related to transitioning beyond academia. Meeting with a Department Major Advisor in The Arts Group Advising Center is optional.


Can I visit with an adviser at any time to release the Mandatory Advising Hold?

Mandatory advising appointments are only scheduled during the quarter that has been assigned to you.  Because all first year students have a mandatory advising requirement, and we serve the advising needs of all the students in the Arts Group, it is important that students in the mandatory advising program adhere to the assigned schedule.  That said, we encourage all students to meet with their advisors at any time for reasons not related to mandatory advising!

How do I get an Appointment to release a Mandatory Advising Hold?


  • Schedule an advising appointment by following the specific instructions included in the comments section of your mandatory advising hold in MyUCDavis.
  • Schedule a 30 minute appointment with a major advisor in the Arts Group Advising Center online at appointments.ucdavis.edu


Where is the Undergraduate Education and Advising Office in the College of Letters and Science Located?

The Undergraduate Office of Advising is located in Room 200 of the Social Science and Humanities Building. The cross streets are at corner of North Quad Ave and East Quad Ave. The entrance is located on North Quad Ave., down the stairs.


Where do I go to meet with a Major Advisor?

Major Advisors are located in the Art Building on Hutchinson Drive. Please check in for your appointment in Room 101.

Majors include: Art Studio, Art History, Cinema & Digital Media, Design, Music and Theatre & Dance


What happens if I do not meet with an Advisor or complete my engagement requests for a Mandatory Advising Hold?

If you do not meet with an advisor before the deadline of the advising hold, you will be unable to make changes to your class schedule or register for courses for the following academic quarter until the hold is removed. This may negatively affect your ability to get some of the classes you need/want during the subsequent registration period.  Plan ahead!  Come to mandatory advising before the deadline.  Do NOT wait until the deadline to get your hold lifted.  Take action before finals week of the given quarter of your hold.  Students have at least two months in their assigned term to fulfill their mandatory advising requirement.


How do I prepare for a meeting with an advisor to release an advising hold?

Academic advising is an on-going process built on a partnership between you and your advisor.  There are a few things to do ahead of time to maximize the benefit of your mandatory appointment.


  • If you received a Mandatory Advising Questionnaire, please complete and submit via your official UC Davis email account prior to your mandatory advising appointment.
  • Review the first-year handbook.
  • Read about the requirements for your major.
  • Write down questions you would like to address during the appointment.


What if I am planning to change my major out of the Arts Group Majors – Should I still come to Mandatory Advising?

Yes. Until you officially change your major, you are considered an Arts Group Student in the College of Letters & Science; therefore you are required to engage in mandatory advising. Your current academic advisor can still help you with the logistics of changing your major and will be able to discuss with you any general topics and/or concerns pertaining to UC Davis.

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