General information

Technology, Communications
and Computer Support Policy

The Arts Administrative Group

This policy describes services regarding access to the Arts Administrative Group’s Information Technology personnel. The various functions that our IT staff normally perform are divided here into three response categories (high, normal and low priority). A fourth category is also included to list various functions that are sometimes requested, but are not supported; you may be referred to campus help resources for these. We support two computers or devices per person. Any supported devices located off-campus must be brought to campus for service. Please email to reach Tech Support.

Note: Website updates are now handled by TAAG’s web team instead of tech support staff. Please email artswebhelp to request department, faculty, or TAAG staff website updates or to post news and events.

High Priority (issues requiring immediate attention)

  • Server issues that impact multiple users
  • Public printer issues (for example, in computer labs)
  • Security breaches
  • Issues that prevent work from being done
  • Computer lab support

Normal Priority (not urgent; needs that occur regularly)

  • Mobile device support when it is one of the two supported devices (e.g., an iPad) 
  • Shared printer issues (those in staff and dept. offices, including copiers); help and/or instructions to install printer drivers for copiers
  • Help with purchasing/ordering computer equipment
  • Software installation or upgrades (e.g., email and web browsers), with proof of license
  • Resolving recurring or longstanding issues (e.g. older equipment that keeps having problems and is becoming outdated); may require upgrade or purchase to fix
  • University telephone service, troubleshooting, or repair. All IT staff can make service requests to Communications Resources when necessary, as ATRs (Area Telephone Representatives)

Low Priority (to be performed as time allows)

  • Local printer issues (e.g., individual faculty printers)
  • Application/database development for Departments, Business office, Graduate office 
  • Support for hardware that is not standard for the department 
  • Configuring access for any university-owned device beyond the first two supported devices

No technical support provided by TAAG (referral to appropriate campus or outside resources)

  • Equipment not purchased by the university
  • Support for environments no longer actively supported by the manufacturer (Windows 95/98,XP and earlier; Mac OS 910.5 and earlier)
  • Personal, faculty or class websites (hosting and/or site maintenance, updates)
  • Departmental web page updates: request now by email at; requests are routed to TAAG web team, not computer/technical support staff

Purchasing policy

The TAAG Tech Support staff works with faculty and staff to help you compare options, research software and pricing, and/or assess your needs.  Once the Tech Support staff has helped you determine the specifications of your technical needs, they will communicate your order to the Business Office. This will ensures that you receive assistance from the most qualified staff at each step in the process of buying new equipment and making sure it operates correctly, with the appropriate software installed. Normally, new equipment is delivered directly to the tech support person who ordered it, so it can be configured for the new owner.

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