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Registration Calendar

Use the Registrar’s Registration Calendar to see important dates in the quarter, such as when your pass times are available and deadlines for adding and dropping a course.

Class Search Tool

Use the Class Search Tool for looking up information about classes offered each quarter, such as the times, days, and prerequisites.

Schedule Builder

Use Schedule Builder to look up courses, create multiple schedules, and register and change courses.

Online Advising Student Information System (OASIS)

Use OASIS to access tools and information related to academic advising and your academic record, including your student information, forms and petitions, and a What-if GPA calculator.

Majors Card Sort

The Major Card Sort can assist you in determining which majors at UC Davis may be a fit for you based on your interests. There are many factors to consider when deciding on a major.  It is very common for students to decide on a major based on their interest in a discipline. It is also very common for students to change majors at some point in their academic career.

The factors involved in deciding on a major may include and are not limited to family and cultural influences, aptitudes, future career paths, personal values, work values, your personality, life experiences, natural talents and personal beliefs.  We encourage you to explore the results of the major card sort based on your interests even further by gathering more information before making a final decision on which major to choose. Valuable insights and information on each discipline can be discovered by speaking with advisers, faculty, and professionals working in the discipline area, career assessments, and by participating in an internship.

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