Lynn Hershman Leeson
Spring Quarter Spotlight Artist in Residence The California Studio

May 23 — Film Screening, Wright Hall, Main Theatre

Teknolust (2002, 82 min.) and Logics Paralyzes the Heart (2021, 13 min.)
4-7 p.m.

Tilda Swinton stars in the feature film Teknolust as a geneticist who creates a formula allowing her to place her DNA into her own cyborg creations. A 61-year-old cyborg narrates the short film Logic Paralyzes the Heart, and discusses the body’s integration into digital and military-based systems of control. Hershman Leeson wrote, produced, and directed Teknolust while working in the UC Davis Department of Art and Art History. The screenings are followed by a Q&A with the artist.

May 24 – Film Screening, Wright Hall, Main Theatre

!Women Art Revolution (2012, 83 min.)

Through intimate interviews, art, and rarely seen archival film and video footage, !Women Art Revolution reveals how the Feminist Art Movement fused free speech and politics into an art that radically transformed the art and culture of our times. he body’s integration into digital and military-based systems of control. Written, directed, edited, and produced by Hershman Leeson.

The screening is followed by a Q&A with the artist.

Teknolust is rated R for sexual content and nudity. Films may contain sensitive content, including trauma, hunger and body dysmorphia, divorce, and childhood physical and sexual abuse. 

Both screenings are organized by The Manetti Shrem California Studio in the Department of Art and Art History.


“Two Internationally Acclaimed Artists-in-Residence at UC Davis in May”
Jeffrey Day / College of Letters and Science

Three women actors in full-length silk dresses on a bed in red silk sheets.

UC Davis is hosting two internationally acclaimed artists who will give public talks, screen films and work directly with students in May. Lynn Hershman Leeson and Shimon Attie are presented by The Manetti Shrem California Studio in the Department of Art and Art History, housed in the College of Letters and Science. The California Studio is part of UC Davis art studio and underwritten by a gift from Jan Shrem and Maria Manetti Shrem.

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