Recent Alumni Theses


Luiza Esper Berthoud, “Art History and Other Stories” (Talinn Grigor, Advisor)



Mariah Briel, “The Known Unknown: Mapping Ignorance in the Age of Discovery” (Alexandra Sofroniew, Adviser)

Lydia Rogers, “Embracing In-Betweenness: New Stage in Contemporary Chicano Art” (Lopez, Adviser)

Iman Asil Seale, “Transcribing Likeness” A Study of Emerging Visual Vocabulary from Ottoman Early Modernity” (Watenpaugh, Adviser)

Zheng Zhang, ” Writing Diversity, Interplaying Difference: Wang Duo’s Assorted Scripts for Yugu” (Burnett, Adviser)


Natalie De La Torre, “Wounded: the Image of the Child in the Art of Gottfried Helnwein” (Susette Min, Adviser)

Jennifer Gutierrez, “Enrique Chagoya’s Cannibals: The ‘Un-Noble’ Savage in the Age of Cultural Imperialism” (Talinn Grigor, Adviser)

Corrie Hendricks, “Yarnbombing, Radical Fiber Art, and Birdie Sanders: The Socialist History and Visual Language of Craft Activism” (Talinn Grigor, Adviser)

Renata Judith McRee, “Recognizing Emptiness: Manifestations of Chan Thought in Zhu Da’s Paintings” (Katharine Burnett, Adviser)

Lorella Silvestri, “Lugi Palma di Cesnola, the Early Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Authenticity of Art: Shaping an American Identity in the Gilded Age” (Diana Strazdes, Adviser)

Virginia Van Dine, “Monument and Magic: The ‘Fountain of Four Rivers’ Obelisk as a Relic (Lynn Roller, Adviser)


Rachel Ramsey Brubaker, “Frank Lloyd Wright’s Gilded-Age Mansion: The Dana-Thomas House in Springfield, Illinois” (Diana Strazdes, Adviser)

Maizy Elizabeth Enck, “The Innovative Abstraction of Augustus Tack’s 1944 Curtain for George Washington University” (Diana Strazdes, Adviser)

Jiaying Gu, “Landscaping My Mind: Representing the Idea of You (Travel) in Early 17th Century Garden Painting” (Katharine Burnett, Adviser)

Brittany Lynn Royer, “City Beautiful Pictured: Arthur Mathews’s Provincial Aesthetic of Art, Architecture & Nature in San Francisco 1906-1915″ (Christina Cogdell, Adviser)

Cristina Isabel Urrutia, “Exhuming the Ancient Body: A Re-examination of the Classical Nude in Carracci’s Farnese Gallery” (Lynn Roller, Adviser)


Alexandra Cerise Craven, “Broadacre City Exposed: Frank Lloyd Wright’s Marin County Civic Center” (Christina Cogdell, Adviser)

Arielle Perrin Hardy, “Singing Sorrow in Stone: The Mourning Siren in Greek Art” (Lynn Roller, Adviser)

Hanna Kagen-Moore, “Bosch’s Monsters: White European Identity, Monstrosity and Morality in Bosch’s 1482 Vienna Last Judgment” (Diana Strazdes, Adviser)

Kristen Sarah Keach, “Heaven, Hell, and teh Space Between: Robert Rauschenberg, Jasper Johns, and Dante’s Divine Comedy” (James Housefield, Adviser)

Justina Martino, “Street Cred: The Creation, Commodification, and Exhibition of San Francisco’s Mission Street Art Community” (Diana Strazdes, Adviser)

Piper Isabeau Milton, “Fictive Views: The Tragic Mode in G.B. Piranesi’s Vedute di Roma” (Diana Strazdes, Adviser)

Heather Wallace, “Feminine Power in Safavid Iran: Space, Visibility, and Politics” (Heghnar Watenpaugh, Adviser)


Nicole Budrovich, “Receptions of Spectacle: Virgil’s ‘Aeneid’ and Local Identity in Gallo-Roman Mosaics” (Lynn Roller, Adviser)

Erin Dorn, “Shifts in Public Art: Disruptions and Affirmations in Richard Serra’s ‘Tilted Arc’ and ‘Fulcrum’ (Susette Min, Adviser)

Alicia Guerra, “Double-Worlds, Double-Vision: Exilic Aesthetic in the Photography of Abelardo Morell” (Adviser, Susette Min)

Megan Kuehn, “The Em-body-ment of Stone: Analysis and Interpretation of Ancient Greek Sculpture as Figural Support” (Lynn Roller, Adviser)

Margaret Larimer, “Experiencing Divine Light: The Stained Glass Windows of the Miracles of the Virgin at Orsanmichele, Florence” (Seth Hindin, Adviser)

Mariana Moscoso, “Politics of (Re)Writing and Interpreting Marisa Merz” (Susette Min, Adviser)

Amanda Roth, “Reconstructing Austrian National Identity in the Early Cold War: ‘Art Treasures from the Vienna Collection’” (Diana Strazdes, Adviser)


Peter Basmarjian, “‘Where Lies Intention, So Lies the Garden’: Wang Ruqian’s Pleasure Boat ‘Gardens’ and Perspective on Space in the Late Ming” (Katharine Burnett, Adviser)

Wan Kong, “The Evidence and Importance of Qing in Chen Hongshou’s Illustrations for Xixiang Ji” (Katharine Burnett, Adviser)

Unity Laura Love, “Tensions Between Tradition and Modernity: China’s Modern Girl in Shanghai Visual Culture” (Katharine Burnett, Adviser)

Yanlin Pan, “Paradigm Shifts, Iconographic Changes: The Moon Goddess Chang’e and Other Beauties in Paintings of the Mid Ming,” (Katharine Burnett, Adviser)

Matthew David Weseley, “Robert Colescott’s Search for Identity” (Simon Sadler, Adviser)


Monica Jane Butler, “Chinese Painting Translated: Lang Jingshan’s Composite Photographs and the Creation of a Modern Chinese Art, 1934-1949″ (Katharine Burnett, Adviser)

Sheena Campbell, “Little Venus in a Blue Armchair: Reclaiming Mary Cassatt’s Avant-Garde Gambit” (Diana Strazdes, Adviser)

Nicoletta Rousseva, “A Parallel Space, A Common Space: Rethinking Sovereignty Through the Work of Alban Muja” (Blake Stimson, Adviser)

Ann-Catrin Titus, “Paul Delaroche’s The Execution of Lady Jane Grey: Re-Staging History” (Diana Strazdes, Adviser)

Kamal Zargar, “Exhibitions of the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art 1999-2005/2009-2012″ (Heghnar Watenpaugh, Adviser)


Melissa Gustin, “Perfection and Perception: Hiram Powers and His Ideal Female Busts in Context” (Diana Strazdes, Adviser)

Kristen Koch, “Colonial Williamsburg, 1926-1940: The Ambiguity of an American Heritage Site” (Diana Strazdes, Adviser)

Andrea Leigh Lesovsky, “More Than Skin Deep: Petrarchan Morals in Cinquecento Cupid Paintings” (Jeffrey Ruda, Adviser)

Brittany McKinney, “Paul Gauguin’s Studio as a Totalizing Work of Art” (James Housefield, Adviser)

Nicholas J. Nabas, “Concrete Knowledge: Innovative Curriculum and Vanguard Architecture at Los Medanos College, Pittsburg, CA, 1968-1974″ (Simon Sadler, Adviser)


Laura Hutchison, “Multivalence in Cults and Images of Aphrodite from Five Selected Greek City-States” (Lynn Roller, Adviser)

Alexandra Elizabeth Rea-Baum, “John Sloan’s Challenge to Modes of Spectatorship in ‘The Cot’: A Portrayal of an Ordinary Moment” (Diana Strazdes, Adviser)

Natalie Mann, “Frederic Church’s Olana as the Manifestation of a Changing Personal and Professional Identity” (Diana Strazdes, Adviser)

Melanie Margaret Ross, “Paul Morrissey’s ‘Flesh’: Seeing Through the Mirror of Warhol’s America” (Blake Stimson, Adviser)

Kristina Schlosser, “The Twenty-First Century Tiller Girls: Natalie Bookchin’s Mass Ornament” (Blake Stimson, Adviser)

Edward Vanderlpoeg, “Fantasy, Emotion, and Religiosity: Tintoretto as a Romantic Artist During the Mid-Nineteenth Century” (Diana Strazdes, Adviser)


Lucinda White Frachtenberg, “Ruptures in Truth: The Photography of Thomas Eakins and the Pictorialist Vision” (Diana Strazdes, Adviser)

Russell Gullette, “Consumer Labor: Thomas Hirschhorn and the Dialectic of Utopia” (Blake Stimson, Adviser)

Michelle McCoy, “In the Name of the Body: Identity, Subjectivity, and Global Nation in He Chengyao’s Performance Art” (Katharine Burnett, Adviser)

Linday Riordan, “Signifying the Other, Signifying Itself: The Apophatic Art Criticism of Pavel Florensky and Clement Greenberg” (Blake Stimson, Adviser)


Erin Aitali, “Manefesting Originality: The Literati Style Paintings of Huang Yuanjie“ (Katharine Burnett, Adviser)

Linda Becerril, “The Gare Saint-Lazare and the Representation of a Modern Non-Place” (Simon Sadler, Adviser)

Jordan Crosby, “The Perfect American Modern: Milton Avery and the Problem of Critical Reception, 1927-1945” (Diana Strazdes, Adviser)

Anna Glaze, “Tradition, Originality, and the Seventeenth-Century Art Market: A Different Side of Bada Shanren“ (Katharine Burnett, Adviser)

Lora Hartley, “Liu Kuo-sung: Abstract Expression in Modern Chinese Ink-Painting” (Katharine Burnett, Adviser)

Patrick Hector, “Redeeming the Landscape: The Persistence of the Sacred in Western Photography“ (Blake Stimon, Adviser)

Amelia King-Kostelac, “Inscribing Meaning: Ambiguity and Agency in Shirin Neshat’s Women of Allah“ (Heghnar Watenpaugh, Adviser)

Marya Osucha, “Revolting Bodies: The Grotesque as a Symptom of Discontent in Polish Film Posters of the 1980s” (Blake Stimson, Adviser)

Melanie Saeck, “Flaneur in an Unreal City: Romain Brook’s 1923 Self-Portrait“ (Diana Strazdes, Adviser)

Elizabeth Treacy,“Sebastiao Salgado, Jeff Wall, and the Photography of Travesty” (Blake Stimson, Adviser)


Rebecca Arnfeld, “Women Working: Artwork from The Masses and the Tactics of American Modernism” (Dianne Macleod, Adviser)

Rebecca Devillle, “Alice Brown Chittenden: Reconsidering the Role of San Francisco Women Artists in the late 19th and Early 20th Centuries” (Diana Strazdes, Adviser)

Colin Dusek, “Cultivating Decadence: Gender and the Art Collection in A Rebours” (Dianne Macleod, Adviser)

Jennifer Farned, “Art, Religion, and Reform: Ellen Gates Starr and Alternative Conceptions of the Modern” (Dianne Macleod, Adviser)

Caren Gutierrez, “The Recontextualization of Eastern Mediterranean Imagery on Florentine Cassoni” (Jeffrey Ruda, Adviser)

Allison Henley-Reed, “Catalytic Counter Cultural Tourism or the Post-Industrial Psychogeography of Dencity” (Blake Stimson, Adviser)

Jayme Yahr, “Altered Value and Identity: Daniel J. Terra’s Collection of American Art” (Dianne Macleod, Adviser)

Anna Trent, “Aesthetics of Imperialism: The ‘Spanish Revival’ in Santa Barbara, California” (Diana Strazdes, Advisor)


Katherine Day, “The Intersection of American Orientalism and Gender in Grace Nicholson’s Treasure House Gallery” (Dianne Macleod, Adviser)

Carey Fee, “Denizens of Italian Afterlives: The Anthropiomophic Demon Form in Late Medieval Italian Art” (Jeffrey Ruda, Adviser)

Matthew Fisk, “The Aesthetics of Peale’s Mastodon amid the Divergence of Art & Science in American Art , 1780-1830” (Diana Strazdes, Adviser)


Nicole Berry, “Peggy Guggenheim and Betty Parsons: Gatekeeper Dealers for a New American Modernism” (Dianne Macleod, Advisor)

Ana Bettencourt, “Social Sculpture and the Place/Nonplace of Identity” (Blake Stimson, Advisor)

Liana Davis, “Hidden Tensions: The Juxtaposition of Odalisques and Images of Contemporary Women in Matisse’s Early Nice Period” (Dianne Macleod, Advisor)

Alice Dodge, “Louisine Havemeyer’s  Art and Activism: From the Domestic Interior to the Woman’s Suffrage Movement” (Dianne Macleod, Adviser)

Diane Lui, “Asian American Art: In Search of a More Accurate Definition” (Jeffrey Ruda, Adviser)

Susan Dix Lyons, “The New Federal Aesthetic: Thom Mayne’s San Francisco Federal Building Leaves Collective Memory Behind” (Simon Sadler, Adviser)

Judit Sawangwan, “Kassak’s Aktivism: A Nationalistic Avant-Garde” (Blake Stimson, Adviser)

Amie Vogt, “New Urbanism in the Urban Core: Context, History, and Theory” (Simon Sadler, Adviser)


Bonnie Fuchs, “Fitz Hugh Lane’s Views of Old Masters and American Prospects” (Diana Strazdes, Adviser)

Eugenie Makrogiannis, “Archaic Hues: A Study in Greek Sculptural Polychromy” (Lynn Roller, Adviser)

Linda Rentner, “The Re-Presentation of Stonehenge: Curatorship within Evolving Theories of the Sublime” (Simon Sadler, Adviser)

Lisa Zdybel, “Titian’s Magdalen: A Sensuous Religious Imagery in the Sixteenth Century” (Jeffrey Ruda, Adviser)


Scott Brennan-Smith, “Reclaiming the Feminine: William Morris and the Construction of Victorian Masculinity” (Dianne Macleod, Adviser)

Denise Bergstrom, “Helio Oiticica’s Paragoles: Performing Urban Marginality in Brazilian Art” (Blake Stimson, Adviser)

Brenna Chapman, “Lasting Images: Zhou Lianggong’s Biography of Zhang Fong” (Katharine Burnett, Adviser)

Eileen Church, “Hero Worship as Propaganda: Mussolini’s Appropriation of the Augustan Ara Pacis 1934-40” (Lynn Roller, Adviser)

Darcy Dapra, “Ellen Day Hale: Homosociality and the Nineteenth-Century Woman Artist” (Dianne Macleod, Adviser)

Elizabeth Gerber, “Imagining Transnationalism: Tourism, Immigration,  and Photography in the Work of Keith Piper and Martin Parr” (Blake Stimson, Adviser)

Yuichiro Kugo, “The Aesthetic Mediation of ‘Art after Philosophy:’ Joseph Kosuth’s Conceptual Art, 1965-1970 (Blake Stimson, Adviser)

Victoria Sheridan, “Inventing Pesolino: Biography, Language, and Style in Art History” (Jeffrey Ruda, Adviser)

Jennifer Spangler, “A Memorial to Terrorism’s Victims: Commemorative Public Art in the Born-Again City” (Blake Stimson, Adviser)

Susan Yonts, “From Collectors to Consumers: A Historical Analysis of Asian Art Museums in America” (Diana Strazdes, Adviser)


Marthe Aston, “Diocletian’s Palace Gates, Split” (Lynn Roller, Adviser)

Christopher Koontz, “The Embodiment of Zhuhong’s Ideals in Painting of the Late Ming” (Katharine Burnett, Adviser)


Joy Jennings, “Robert Mapplethorpe: The Late Style” (Jeffrey Ruda, Adviser)

Shadieh Mirmobiny, “Persian Elements in Rembrandt’s Work: A Study of Seventeenth-Century ‘Orientalism’” (Jeffrey Ruda, Adviser)

Andrew Nedd, “Segodniashnii Lubok: Art, the Avant-Garde, and National Identity” (Dianne Macleod, Adviser)

Anneke Voorhees, “Mona Hatoum: New Perspectives in Double Consciousness and the In-Between” (Blake Stimson, Adviser)


Ann Baldoni, “Sophisticated Play: The World According to Florine Stettheimer” (Diana Strazdes, Adviser)

Gerald Decamp, “Giovanni Bellini’s Pesaro Coronation” (Jeffrey Ruda, Adviser)

Deborah Gangwer, “First Ladies: The Founders of MoMA and the American Avant-Garde” (Dianne Macleod, Adviser)

Marylee Moritz, “The Woman-Horse as Self-Portrait in the Painting and Writing of Leonora Carrington” (Diana Strazdes, Adviser)

Alessia Zanin-Yost, “The Franciscans, Moses, and the Monte in Vicenza” (Jeffrey Ruda, Adviser)


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