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Choral Placement Hearings

A note from Erik Peregrine, director of choirs—

Choral Placement Hearings are very short (10 minutes or less) and are as painless as possible. Think of it as a miniature voice lesson with an opportunity to connect with me one-on-one. The goal of the Choral Placement Hearing is to determine which choir(s) might be the best fit for you. 

There is a UC Davis choir for everyone!

Your Choral Placement Hearing will include:

  • Vocal warmup and range exploration
  • Short musicianship exercises (matching pitches and/or sight reading)
  • 1–2 minutes of something you love to sing. This could be a pop song, an aria, Happy Birthday, or anything that feels comfortable in your voice. Plan to sing unaccompanied (by yourself without piano, guitar, etc.).
  • Brief chat about your musical goals, why you love singing, and which choir(s) might be the best fit for you. 

Please plan to arrive to Room 130 (Erik’s office) a few minutes before your scheduled time to fill out a brief questionnaire. I’m looking forward to meeting you!

A note about reading music

There are many equally valid ways to learn music. For your Choral Placement Hearing, I am curious about how you personally learn music right now. That might be by reading music, that might be by ear, that might be by some system unique to you. The short musicianship exercises are not tests, they’re just small parts of helping me understand you as a singer.

There is a UC Davis choir for everyone!

Contact me at with questions or for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions – UC Davis Choirs Edition

Can I sing in more than one choir?


Do I have to read music to sing in a choir at UC Davis?

Not necessarily!!! There are many equally valid ways to learn music.  

Do I have to be a music major to sing in choir?

NO!!!!!!! Anyone from any major can participate in UC Davis choirs. 

Do I have to have previous singing experience to join?

NO!!!!!!! Previous singing experience is helpful, but not required. 

Can I bring a friend who wants to sing too?

YES!!!!!!!! Please have them sign up for their own Choral Placement Hearing to make sure that I have time to meet with both of you. 

I was in a UC Davis choir last year, do I have to do another Choral Placement Hearing?

Yes! It’s important for me to connect with you, hear how your voice has developed, and check in with you about your goals. 

I really, really love singing Renaissance and Baroque music. Is there a place for me here?

YES!!!!!!! All UC Davis choirs perform a wide variety of repertoire, but the Early Music Ensemble specializes in Western music that was composed before 1750.

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