General information

Clone of Performance Track

Specific Requirements for Performance Track
  1. You can declare as a music major without auditioning.
  2. Enroll in lessons with a department instructor.
  3. Join a department ensemble.
  4. Enroll in the recital preparatory course prior to the junior recital. *
  5. Give a public recital during both your junior and senior years.

* Changes to the performance track (7/1/21)

Coursework: Performance Track

Juries are no longer required for entrance to the performance track.

Students interested in the performance track will need to enroll in a recital preparatory class prior to scheduling their junior recital. The recital prep class is offered Winter Quarter, Fridays from 3:30–5:30 pm.   

Before enrolling in the recital prep class, students should:

  • have completed 3 or more quarters of lessons 
  • be recommended to the class by their applied teacher (instrument or voice teacher)
  • be a declared music major who has completed Music 7A 
After the recital prep class:

The student’s primary applied teacher, in collaboration with the recital prep instructors, will determine if the student should schedule their junior recital. If after completing the recital prep class, the student is not recommended to schedule a recital, the faculty will work with them to develop an alternative senior presentation, such as a lecture/demonstration.

Schedule options

Four-Year Schedule
  • Freshman/sophomore year: enroll in lessons with a department instructor.
  • Junior year: 30-minute junior recital.
  • Senior year: 60-minute senior recital.
Transfer and Two-Year Plans

Transfer students should enroll in lessons with a department instructor and plan on taking the recital preparatory course during winter quarter, prior to junior recital.

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