General information

for Music Lessons, Practice Rooms

Because of the COVID-19 global pandemic, we are limiting use of our spaces to those students who are:

  1. Preparing for an upcoming Junior or Senior Recital in order to fulfill the requirements of the music major.
  2. Have a need for access to a stable internet connection and isolated acoustic space for music lessons.
  3. In need of access to specialized music equipment (i.e., students enrolled in piano—including Music 2A-enrolled students—percussion, harp, and harpsichord lessons).

* Please note that the Music Building rehearsal and practice rooms are closed at this time. For more information on checking out an instrument, please see our Lockers and Instruments information page.

Scheduling Process

To schedule use of Pitzer spaces during the Fall Quarter (teaching studios or practice rooms), please email the department Stage Manager, Caitlin Sapunor-Davis, at Keep the following in mind:

  • Rooms will be available Monday–Friday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. 
  • There are three teaching studios available with pianos (Strings, Woodwinds, Brass) and one without (Harpsichord). 
  • The Percussion Studio will only be available for percussion lesson instruction or rehearsal. 
  • The six practice rooms all have pianos, with Room One providing a Boston Grand. Each of them have WiFi access through Eduroam.
  • The teaching studios have the ability to connect to the internet via ethernet, and the practice rooms have WiFi access.
  • Priority will be given to those taking (or giving) lessons; practice-time requests will be approved as available.
  • Reservations will be done in one-hour blocks. Recurring reservations can be set up.

Requesting a Room

When requesting a room, please provide the following information via email to the department Stage Manager, Caitlin Sapunor-Davis, at Multiple days can be requested in the same email, just repeat the day/date and times sections as needed.

  • Name:
  • Instrument:
  • Instructor (if applicable): 
  • Purpose of reservation (lesson or practice):
  • Day/Date requested:
  • Time available (if you are flexible, particularly for practice, please put multiple options for best possibility of approval):
  • Is this a one-time request? (Yes, or No—this is recurring.)

Your request will be confirmed or denied via an email response. Emails sent in the evenings and weekends will not be answered until the next business day. 

* If you are a new student, instructions for obtaining a keycard will be included in the response email once your first reservation request is approved.​

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