General information

Juries and Recitals
for the Performance Track in the Major


Students are admitted to the performance track by juried audition, which takes place early each spring. After admission, students proceed toward junior and senior recital requirements as noted. The jury, made up of academic and studio faculty members, expects to hear students to perform two contrasting movements—often a sonata or concerto movement—and an étude or excerpt, and, optionally, major or minor scales.

Junior and Senior Recitals

The junior recital or appearance (30 minutes or less, Fall Quarter) may take the form of a solo recital or an ambitious piece that is performed in a studio recital or other noon or evening concert. The senior recital (60 minutes, Spring Quarter) should be in the form of a standard solo recital or its equivalent. Seniors should enroll for Music 195 (Senior Project) in the quarter during which they give their recital.


Choice of program is the joint responsibility of the student and the primary instructor, and it is always at the final discretion of the primary instructor. Programs should be scheduled at least six months in advance and require approval by the instructor, undergraduate adviser, and Department of Music production staff.


Accompanists are to be of professional caliber (particularly in the case of the senior recital), engaged and compensated by the student, and approved well in advance by the primary teacher. A list of professional accompanists is available from the Department of Music production staff, and students should discuss fee arrangements for those accompanists with the production staff.

Scheduling and Production

After the program has been chosen and approved by the student’s instructor, the student must make an appointment with the production staff to choose a date and venue, as well as establish deadlines for flier and program content. Content for these materials is the responsibility of the student. Guidelines and a style sheet are provided, as are guidelines for any on-campus post-recital event.


Recitals are certified by signature of the primary instructor and the faculty adviser on the recital certification document, which is kept on file in the main office. Students must attach a copy of their program and any promotional materials (fliers, posters) to this document, which is then used to certify the academic degree from UC Davis.


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