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General Information questions

Textbook Orders

How do I request books for my class and/or get desk copies?

Marisa Kline, Business Assistant, places these orders. Normally all instructors will get an email from her a couple of months before the quarter starts, requesting textbook orders. Please note that she may not have a record of the book you ordered last time. For that reason, she will need the following information to process your order:

Expected Enrollment (if you know it)
Book Title
Is the book required, optional, or recommended?
Do you need desk copies? If so, how many?

Graduate Students

How do I approve the hours worked by my Student Reader or Researcher?

It depends on whether your student has a work study appointment. If so, paper timesheets are required. Graduate Student Coordinators provide those, and Faculty approval (signature) is required. 

If your student is not on work study, no timesheet is required. Please note that TAs, or any other salaried students (GSRs), are not required to submit timesheets either.

If you have questions regarding the need for a timesheet, please ask the Graduate Adviser (752-8710).


The copy machine jammed; I ran out of paper. Who can help me?

Whether there’s a paper jam or you just need help operating the machine, help is available in every building. Please see:

  • Art Building – Kathryn Shickman
  • Cruess Hall – Lisa Boggeri
  • Everson Business office – Vivian Reyes-Johnson
  • Music Building – Tracie Dang
  • Wright Hall – Martha Garrison
How do I get a copy code?

If you need a User ID for the copy machine please call the main office # for your Department or Program. Our business office assistant, Tracie Dang, can help you.

I need copies for my class. Who can help me?

Staff is not available to make photocopies for you. You may make your own copies, or have your TA or Reader make copies for you.


Where do I go for office supplies, printer cartridges, and ordering items?

Each building has a general supplies cabinet or closet; see the designated staff person for your building to get office supplies that are located there:

  • Art; Art Annex – Kathryn Shickman
  • Everson – Marisa Kline
  • Music – Tracie Dang
  • Cruess – Lisa Boggeri
  • Theatre & Dance – Martha Garrison (or Production Manager for production-related needs).

If you need additional supplies, please fill out the online purchase request for the items you need.


How do I arrange for confidential shredding?

For shredding, see the AFS Equipment Management page and scroll down to the Quick Links, where you will see “Document shred request” among the choices. Also see our Services guide for more information about equipment and services available. 


What mail code do I use to send a letter through the US Mail?

Use the departmental or program mail code listed here:

  • Art and Art History 0869
  • Cinema and Digital Media 
  • Design D520
  • Music 1033
  • Theatre and Dance 0960

Please note that faculty mailboxes are generally located in the same building as their offices. We have added mailboxes in each building’s mailroom for staff offices located in the other buildings. For example, if you want to turn in receipts and you’re located in the Art or Music building, or Wright Hall, there is a mailbox in your mailroom labeled “Business Office.” This mail routed to other Arts Administrative Group offices will be picked up and delivered on a daily basis. 

How do I send a FedEx?

Please see Tracie Dang in the Music Building for help.

Room Reservations

How do I reserve a seminar room, meeting room, practice space or theater?

Reservations for many seminar and conference rooms, along with other practice and meeting spaces, can be made through the COWS Reservation System. Click here to check availability or to make a room request.

Music Practice Facilities are currently reserved on paper sign-up sheets posted outside Music 112.


I hurt myself at work; what should I do?

Contact Karen Nofziger for any Workers’ Compensation matters.

Who is our safety officer? I’m concerned about safe handling methods for some of my class materials. Who do I ask for help?

Please go to one of these designated staff members first. If they are not available Karen Nofziger can help you; she is the primary safety officer.

  • Art Annex/Art Bldg./TB9 – Dan Quillan
  • Cruess/Everson Hall –  (Toolroom Supervisor)
  • Music Bldg. – Stephen Bingen
  • Wright Hall – Myke Kunkel


Who do I go to if the lock on my office door is sticking, or the air conditioning is not working?

Since we have several buildings to monitor we have assigned the following staff to take care of any facilities issues such as your heat not working or a leaky water fountain, etc.:

  • Art Annex – Don Yee
  • TB9-Ceramics Lab – Brian Perkins

For all other buildings and departments, contact Business Assistant Tracie Dang. Call your Department’s main office phone number for assistance:

  • 752-0105 – Art Studio, Art History, CDM
  • 752-2004 – Design
  • 752-5537 – Music
  • 752-0888 – Theatre & Dance
Where do I get keys for my office or building?

The primary key assigner for faculty and staff is Marisa Kline (170 Everson Hall). If Marisa is not available, other Business staff can assist you. For Cruess Hall keys, go to the Toolroom (101 Cruess). For after-hours access to buildings, call Custodial Operations, Building Unlocking and Locking Services: 754-0122.


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