Design Museum Exhibition Schedule 2017-2018

FALL 2017

Instinct Extinct: The Great Pacific Flyway

September 18 – November 12, 2017 (opening reception September 28)

A multi-disciplinary art installation that explores and celebrates the biology, beauty, and bounty of the Pacific Flyway, viewed through a range of lenses: wildlife habitat, agricultural backdrop, recreational commons, conservation story, and inspirational phenomena for artists, writers and everyone in California and beyond. The exhibition is a partnership of the visual artist team – Valerie Constantino, Glenda Drew and Ann Savageau – with various organizations, associations, agencies, scientists, and scholars.


It’s Bugged: Insects’ Role in Design

January 8 – April 22, 2018 (opening reception January 11)

In this exhibition we look at two sides of the relationship between people and insects. The first side shows how makers, designers, architects, and artists draw upon nature’s patterns to create beautiful and useful materials and structures. The other side of this relationship involves the collaboration with insects as producers of raw materials, such as harvested silk and red dye made from cochineals. While the insects are (likely!) not conscious of this duality, the outcomes are useful for insects and for people in different ways. This makes our relationship with them complex and compelling.


Design by Design: Undergraduate Senior Showcase

May 21 – June 18, 2018

This lively survey of senior undergraduate student talent and creativity reflects the multi-disciplinary breadth of the Department of Design

Design Master of Fine Arts Graduation Exhibition

Spring 2017 — Jan Shrem and Maria Manetti Shrem Museum of Art

Working with renowned design faculty, Master of Fine Arts students explore the broader topic of “Design” through specific design disciplines, drawing on collaborations with the arts, humanities, social sciences and sciences. Candidates this year will showcase their final research and creative projects in a group exhibition featuring work from other Master’s programs in the creative arts. The exhibition is organized by, and will take place at the new Jan Shrem and Maria Manetti Shrem Museum of Art at UC Davis.

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